Hisayo Okumura is an Alexander technique teacher in Japan.


Individual lesson
*Edogawa-Studio 45-min. 5,000 yen. (Edogawa-ku)
*Gaienmae-Studio 45-min. 8,000 yen. (Minato-ku, Aoyama)


Hisayo Okumura MSTAT

Hisayo Okumura is a clarinetist and Alexander technique teacher. As an Alexander Teacher she continues to pursue my interest in learning and education.
She had graduated from the Alexander Teacher Training School in December 2012.

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Alexander Technique Teacher Training in London – ATTS : The Alexander Teacher Training School


I have studied the technique at the Alexander Teacher Training school in London UK.I am now living in Tokyo. If you want to have an Alexander technique lesson, feel free to make contact with me!